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Lavender Balm

This versatile balm can be used on the face, hands and feet as a moisturiser or to help treat irritated skin, such as dryness, itching, bites, or burns. Formulated with soothing Calendula extract to enhance its effectiveness. The beautiful Lavender fragrance from essential oils is highly calming and relaxing.

 $6 / 15 ml        $34 / 90 ml


Tea Tree Balm                                                                         

This multi-purpose balm is formulated with Australian Tea Tree oil and Neem oil, which are known as to help treat acne, dandruff and fungal infections, such as Athlete’s foot. Apply to affect area as needed, may also be used on cuts and wounds. Formulated with Calendula extract to sooth problem skin.

 $6 / 15 ml        $34 / 90 ml


Arnica Balm                                                                           

Arica is known for it stimulating properties to increase blood circulation. Use for a warming massage, particularly suitable for use after exercise. Apply to bruises, sprains and sore muscles for relief. Do not apply to broken skin.

  $6 / 15 ml        $34 / 90 ml 

Spruce Balm

Spruce is known to help ease cold symptoms. Apply this healing formula to your neck, chest, and temples or under your nose to effectively help reduce respiratory problems and other cold symptoms. The refreshing aroma awakens mind and body, and helps clear congestion.

 $6 / 15 ml        $34 / 90 ml




Lip Balm

Lips need special protection against the elements, especially during cold or dry climates. Shea butter and Coconut oil is highly nourishing to delicate skin, formulated with Calendula extract to sooth chapped and irritated lips. Lightly fragranced with Geranium and Sweet Orange essential oils.

 $8 / 15 ml


Sheer Color 

A lip balm tinted with mineral color. Adds a glossy finish to lips with sheer color. Made with organic Coconut oil and Cocoa Butter.. Available in 01 Rose and 02 Pink.

$12 / 5 ml




Coco Hand Cream 

Indulge hard-working hands with this deliciously rich hand cream. Made from Cocoa Butter and Sweet Almond oil. The scent is truly scrumptious; Chocolate, Orange and Vanilla.

$24 / 50 ml



Essence Oil Perfumes                                                               

Our essence oils are packaged in a handy roller-ball applicator for easy use. Ideal for taking aromatherapy on the go. Apply the oils on your pulse points to wear as a naturally fragrant perfume, as well as to reap the therapeutic benefits of these precious oils.

$30 / 14 ml



-An uplifting floral scent that is relaxing, soothing, calming, an aphrodisiac, and encourages self-confidence.  

Lavender Violet-

-This floral and leafy fragrance, calms nerves and restores balance to sense of well being. Helps one to overcome shyness.


-A sweet, inspiring scent; this is a classic combination of Rose, Jasmine and Sandalwood, renowned as an aphrodisiac and to help us contact with sprit.




Rosehip Facial Oil                                                                   

Rosehip oil is known for its anti-oxidant properties due to its high content of Vitamin C; it helps to repair sun damaged skin, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks and scars. This nourishing facial oil formulation contains 30% Rosehip oil, blended with other essential fatty oils such as, Camellia oil, Evening Primrose oil, Apricot Kernel oil, Wheat Germ oil, and precious essential oils of Rose, Frankincense, and Geranium.

 $48 / 50 ml


Camellia Hair Oil

Camellia oil is light, silky oil that is transiently used in Japanese culture to condition hair. Apply a dime-size amount to palm and massage onto wet hair before blow drying. Or rub a few drops onto palm to tame fly-away hairs. Camellia oil has anti-oxidant properties and is high in essential fatty acids to nourish and protect hair from sun damage. With Lavender and Rosemary oils to sooth the scalp.

$28 / 50 ml




Lavender Sachet

Made in Canada using designer fabrics from Liberty of London, and filled with premium quality lavender flowers. Use it to scent pillows, closets and drawers. The wonderful fragrance helps to promote relaxation.



Mini-Travel Set                                                                               

Includes mini size jars of Lavender Balm, Tea Tree Balm, Arnica Balm, and Spruce Balm. A handy kit to have in case of “life’s little accidents”



Home Remedy Kit  

Includes 15 ml jars of Lavender Balm, Tea Tree Balm, Arnica Balm, and Spruce Balm, plus one full tin of Lip Balm. Something that every household should have on hand for minor emergencies.




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